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Chat Rules
Rules Intro
No Insults
Sarcastic Remarks
No Racism
No Harrassment
No Mass Login
No Attacking Ops
No Vulgarity
Private Rooms
The Hot_Tub
No Porn Links
English Default
No Advertising
No Flooding
No RePosting
Phone Numbers
No Drug Talk
No Gang Talk
Illegal Activities
No Hacking
Kick/Ban Rules
BB Abuse
Slander of Alamak
Comm Info
Chat Rules
 Rules Intro

Alamak Chat asks all users to abide by rules and policies. This is not to restict your rights to free speech but to create a pleasant chatting environment for everyone.

The rules have been developed by the users of the chat over time and do not reflect the chat adminstrators own (possibly arbritrary) sense of morality.

The rules are enforced by chat members called Operators or Ops who may kick or ban users for offensive or unacceptable behavior. An Ops level increases over time and higher level Ops may also kick or ban lower level Ops in extreme cases of abuse.

Ops in turn are watched over by a Committee of selected Ops. New Committee are selected by vote the Committee and also by Alamak office appointment.

Members who are being abused or harrassed can ask Operators for help. Operators in turn can use two commands to report abuse of higher level Operators. The first is /com which is used to post a message to the server committee and report potential problem Operators or users. The second is /abuse which makes a server copy of the current page to record what is actually happening. You can also do an /abuse [ops_nickname] to register an abuse report with a copy of the Operators real nickname and ID. You should always get an accurate /id when reporting a case of abuse. A complaint that says Operator (XYZ) is usually worthless since XYZ is probably not that Ops real nickname. If we get the ID there is a greater chance that some action can be taken against Ops who abuse thier authority.

Abusive Operators can be handled in several ways.
  1. An Op may be temporarily deoped by the Committee, and this removes the ability to affect other users with commands like kick, ban, and summon. Deops are usually between 1-4 weeks depending on the severity.
  2. An Op may have his level dropped either temporarily or permanently.
  3. An account may be suspended preventing the Op from using the nick and privledges in the chat for an undefined period of time, and there will be no compensation for time lost on the accounts due to suspension for abuse.
  4. An account may be removed without refund in extreme cases of abuse, fraud, slander of Alamak, advertising other chats, hacking, or other breach of contract.
Operators who abuse are given many warnings and chances before any permenant action like suspension or account removal.